| Bikes, sunglasses returned

Cheap Oakley

The RCMP returned two stolen bikes and several pairs of Oakley sunglasses to The Bike Barn in Penticton in recent weeks.

Will Pratt, co-owner of the bike store on Westminster Avenue, said it has been a big relief to get the items, which are now for sale in the store, back.

“I was pleasantly surprised and super appreciative of the fine work the RCMP did,” he said.

During the break-in on March 13, two high-end bikes were taken from their repair shop as well as the entire Oakley sunglasses inventory.

A few weeks later, Pratt said the police called to say they had caught the guy who broke into the store and that they had the stolen merchandise.

The bikes and sunglasses have since been returned. One bike has already sold, with the other still in their inventory.

The sunglasses are back in their case and being sold for 40 to 70 per cent off.